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Gary Sabin established his first real estate investment company in 1977 and began acquiring commercial real estate investment properties.  While the name and portfolio have changed over the past 40 years, one thing has not - our passion for investing in real estate.  This has taken us all over the United States and throughout the world where we have navigated complex market conditions and invested with numerous partners globally.

We are committed to putting our relationships with our investment partners first and foremost. As we look for opportunities to continue growing our portfolio - currently focused on the Asia Pacific region - we utilize our knowledge, experience, and network to invest in high quality real estate.



Excel is Born

Gary Sabin established his first real estate company under the Excel brand, focused on the acquisition and management of commercial real estate investment properties.


Excel Realty Trust

Excel consolidated several properties to create Excel Realty Trust, its first REIT.


Excel Realty Trust on the NYSE

Excel Realty Trust (NYSE: XEL) successfully raised $118.5 Million in an IPO and grew its portfolio to over $1.2 Billion.

1995, 1997

#1 Retail REIT in USA

Excel Realty Trust was the top performing retail REIT in the United States measured by total shareholder return in both 1995 and 1997.


New Plan Excel Realty Trust

New Plan Excel Realty Trust (NYSE: NPXL) was created through a merger between Excel Realty Trust and New Plan Realty Trust in a transaction valued at $2.9 Billion, which became the largest open-air shopping center REIT in the United States at the time.


Excel Legacy Corporation

The Excel team left New Plan Excel Realty Trust to manage Excel Legacy (AMEX: XLG), a spin off from Excel Realty Trust.


Price Enterprises

Excel Legacy Corporation acquired majority interest in Price Enterprises (NASDAQ: PREN).


Price Legacy

Excel Legacy Corporation merged with Price Enterprises to form Price Legacy (NASDAQ: PRLE) in a transaction valued at approximately $800 Million.


Excel Realty Holdings

Excel Realty Holdings was formed as a private company to acquire and develop commercial real estate investment properties.


Price Legacy Sale

Price Legacy was acquired by a partnership between DRA Advisors and Kimco Realty for approximately $1.2 Billion.


Excel Centre

Raised Excel Partners China Fund: $125 Million and purchased the Excel Centre, a 20-floor office tower in the heart of Finance Street in Beijing, China.


Excel Trust

Excel Trust (NYSE: EXL) was formed in 2009 and successfully raised $210 Million in an IPO, surpassed $1 Billion by 2013, obtained investment grade ratings by Moody's, Standard & Poors, and Fitch in 2014, and was acquired by Blackstone for approximately $2 Billion in July of 2015. Blackstone rebranded this company as Shopcore (

2016 - Present

Sabin Holdings

The Excel team left Blackstone and formed Sabin Holdings, a family office focused on global real estate.

2018 - Present

Excel Partners Fund II

Raised Excel Partners Fund II: $175 Million, focused on investing in Asia Pacific Real Estate.


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